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Welcome to Hazarilal public School


The most important thing in games is not winning but taking part . . . . 

In order to develop the overall personality of a student, Sports play a vital role. Exercise is also known to relieve stress. Specialized Coaches/Instructors have been constantly guiding and motivating the students.

The school lays great emphasis on physical fitness of students and tries to provide facilities for games, sports and recreational activities for all. The programme includes rhythmic exercises, athletics, drills, sports and games(major and minor) like Hockey, Handball, Volley Ball, Badminton and Table-Tennis, Inter Class and Inter House Competitions are conducted as scheduled.


Sh. Hazari Lal Public School has a verdant, beautiful campus. The campus has been modelled to facilitate the finest educational services and all-round development of children.


All classrooms are colorful, aesthetically designed and technically formulated for a learning atmosphere. 

Multi-purpose Hall

Our Multi-purpose Hall is a beautiful addition to bring out the best in the students. It solves the purpose of auditorium, meditation and yoga room and health club as well as meeting point. With a classy look & feel, the school multi-purpose hall makes a perfect atmosphere where students can explore themselves like never before.

Indoor and Outdoor space to encourage all Games and Sports:

The School's spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks. The students involve themselves in various indoor as well as outdoor activities by keeping the notion in mind that

“The Healthy Mind remains in a Healthy Body”.


In addition to containing books to meet the demand of the Students and the Faculty, the School Library has a good stock of electronics knowledge material including CD/DVD ROMs, Audio Video cassettes, tapes, films, etc. The library is equipped with MORE THAN 6000 textbooks, reference books and storybooks.


The entire campus has a 24x7 Wi-Fi internet connection. It is fully automated and implements the best available Student Management System. Video Conferencing facility is also available.

Smart classes/ Multimedia Facilities

Teaching through the latest pedagogy, is the on-going motto of the School. All the teachers are trained to teach through smart class, to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing.

K-Yan Pro Digital Class is an innovative comprehensive solution designed to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. Computer aided learning system is introduced for Pre-Primary to Std 10.



The School has its own fleet of fully furnished buses. Each bus has a driver, conductor who is provided with mobile phone for the easy access of the parents along with complete safety and security of the children.

The school shall have its own fleet of buses to pick students from any destination from Khera kalan, Siraspur, Rana park, Khera khurd, Nayabans, Budhpur, Alipur and nearby sectors of Rohini.

The school buses are fully supported by the GPS bus tracking systems that allows the management to track the school buses’ movement and its occupants. Students are accompanied by a conductor, guard, nanny and teacher in the buses. The safety of the students is paramount hence adequate care is being taken for the safety of students.

No effort for safety of the students is spared, but the School should not be held responsible for any road accident in which the buses may unfortunately be involved or for any other unforeseen situation that may arise due to circumstances beyond control.

Health and Hygiene:

Our school gives supreme importance to health and hygiene of each and every student. This is ensured by implementing the following measures:

  • ·       A non-compromising attitude towards cleanliness

  • ·       Staff training at all levels

  • ·       Close supervision and monitoring of areas prone to be unhygienic

  • ·       Educating and creating awareness among students from time to time


The Medical Room of the school is well equipped with the required medical equipments and has a qualified doctor and a fully trained nurse.

First aid is provided in the Medical Room of the school. In case of emergency, the child is taken to the nearest hospital or nursing home and the parents are informed immediately.

A health card of each child is maintained. The comprehensive medical checkup of all the students is an annual feature of the school.